Shree Surapura Dham Bholad


🛑LIVE શ્રી સુરાપુરા ધામ ભોળાદ ( ભાલ ) મહારુદ્ર યજ્ઞ


Sri Surapura Dham Bholad (Bhal)

🛑LIVE શ્રી સુરાપુરા ધામ ભોળાદ ( ભાલ ) મહારુદ્ર યજ્ઞ


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Sri Surapura Dham Bholad (Bhal)

Today we are going to talk about the history and present, then some information is necessary before looking into their history.

  • Today I ask you...
  • What are you talking about?
  • Why dig holes in padar....?

Today, village by village paliyas are carved in the form of stone pillars in front of Suryanarayana which is also known as Surapura. Whose life and death have both been inspiring, who has sacrificed himself for the protection of cows, Brahmins, women and religion, without caring for his own children and family, and has surrendered to his Lord Mahadev, killing the world's love in a moment, nine hundred years today. Even then those Khambhis who are awakened by their great karma and worshiped in which God is a part, are today called Surapura Dada.

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ગમન ભુવાજી એ શ્રી દાનભા બાપૂ અને સુરાપુરા ધામ ભોળાદ(ભાલ) શુ??? કહ્યુ એ સાંભળો....